Main Points Related to Electric Vehicle Rental

Having a fleet of electric vehicles for rent will open the door for more people to experience the benefits of EVs and promote their adoption. However, most car rental aggregator websites don’t have filters to show only EV rental cars. Fortunately, there are a few exceptions, such as Kayak, where you can search for EV rental cars. read here check over here

The most outspoken in its EV rental program, enterprise has been a bit slower to adopt the idea, though they are now participating in the Drive Electric Orlando Rental Pilot. This initiative is sponsored by the Electrification Coalition, an advocacy group for EV adoption. Despite the challenge of charging the vehicles, Enterprise has been working with their customers to educate them on the benefits of EV rental.

One of the biggest benefits of renting an EV is the ability to take it for a test drive without the risk of committing to the purchase. Even though dealership test drives can be fleeting, renting an EV gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the vehicle and test out its hi-tech features before making a long-term commitment.

While the cost of renting an EV can be prohibitively expensive, major car rental companies offer a range of options. Enterprise offers free charging until February 2022 and has an electric car rental option at some locations. Other companies are following suit. A peer-to-peer rental website, plans to provide consumers with a mix of standard cars and electric vehicles. The company hopes to add as many as 50,000 EVs by 2023. This would be the largest electric vehicle expansion in North America. This expansion should boost the demand for electric vehicles and make car rental more accessible for consumers.

The global electric vehicle rental market is segmented by vehicle type. The battery electric vehicle segment is expected to hold the largest share during the forecast period. Rising production of battery-operated electric vehicles worldwide and technological innovation by players in the market are driving the growth of this segment. In addition, consumers are increasingly turning toward green products and preferring electric vehicles for short trips.

The company’s platform is a pioneer in the electric car revolution and has a worldwide presence. Their EV-based rental system includes keyless entry via your mobile device and app. The system also offers advanced routing and charging optimization. These features make electric vehicle rental more convenient than ever. A number of European cities have already made it easier for people to rent an EV.