Best Ways to Find an Estate Planning Attorney

When choosing an estate planning attorney, you need to keep a few things in mind. Some estate planning attorneys charge a flat fee, while others bill an hourly rate. Using a flat fee will allow you to know the cost upfront, while hourly fee attorneys will often charge a retainer, which is an advance payment for their services. In some cases, you can request an increase in the retainer if the final cost is more than you initially anticipated. probate attorney San Diego is an excellent resource for this.

It is advisable to interview several estate planning attorneys to choose the best one for your needs. During this interview, you can get to know the attorney and determine whether he or she is right for you. You can also request an engagement letter from the attorney, which will outline the nature of your legal engagement and the terms of the agreement. The engagement letter will also explain any fees and expenses that you should expect to incur. After you hire the attorney, you can work together to draft an estate plan. Ideally, you should choose an attorney who will work closely with you to meet all of your needs.
After hiring an estate planning attorney, it is important to revisit your estate plan periodically, particularly if there are any major life changes. Ideally, you and your estate planning attorney will review the plan every two or three years, but you should also keep in mind that you will need to update it from time to time.
Another benefit to hiring an estate planning attorney is that they will help you locate and organize your documents. They will also help you identify any errors that may have slipped through. Even inadvertent errors can cause major problems for your family. For example, you may have failed to designate beneficiaries, which can have disastrous tax implications.
In addition to helping, you design your will, estate planning attorneys can also help you choose beneficiaries. While an estate planning attorney can help you draft basic estate planning documents, some situations may require an attorney with specific expertise. You may need a specialization in elder law, for example, or you may need assistance with Medicaid and long-term care issues. In addition, you may need the services of an attorney who specializes in international estate planning.


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